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Get Ready For Your Spring Wedding!

Helen Mobile Hairdressing Ipswich SuffolkHelen Skene is a mobile beauty therapist and mobile hairdresser offering a full range of treatments to get you ready for your big day!

Read on for hints and tips on how to make yourself super gorgeous in the weeks leading up to your wedding!

YOUR Spring wedding is fast approaching and it’s not a minute to soon to start preparing yourself for the one day in your life when it really is all about you.

Those winter months have been harsh on your tired, pale skin; those extra Christmas pounds are still refusing to leave your hips and your hair is looking dull and short when it’s has to be long and glossy in just a few months.

Don’t panic! There’s still time to have you looking at your all time best, but you have to start now.

Although there are lots of quick fix remedies such as hair extensions, gel nails, hair waxing and makeup, at the end of your big day you will be exposing all to the man you love with no falsies to hide the natural you, so let make sure when you bare all, you’re the best you can be.

Your Hair: Have your hair trimmed (just the ends) every four to six weeks to ensure healthy hair growth while avoiding the breakage of split ends. Wash your hair with conditioner only, every other wash, so the natural oils are not stripped away. Hot oil and intensive moisturising treatments are a great way to boost your hair’s natural lustre. If you are going for an entirely new style or colour for your wedding day, ask your hairdresser to practice your new look well in advance. 

Your face: The quickest way to a perfect glowing complexion is a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables;  drink two litres of water a day; get plenty of sleep; avoid alcohol and cigarettes; and of course the daily routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise. Regular facials which include a revitalising massage, scrub and mask will deep cleanse, and increase nutrients and tone of your skin.

Your body: A seaweed body wrap is an ideal way to shed those last few inches if your dress becomes a bit of a squeeze; a course of wraps will help with weight and inch loss if you plan to diet before the Spring-time wedding; and as the wrap also has detoxifying qualities it is a great way to recover from that heavy hen night. Wraps work by toning and moisturising the skin, firming the flesh giving immediate inch loss and reducing cellulite. The products continue working for a further 48 hours so the gel is absorbed into the skin cleansing and detoxifying the body from the inside.

Your nails: regular manicures and pedicures will ensure that any toe kissing on your wedding night is a pleasure rather than two curling, for you both. The turn off of hard skin, cracked heals and long talons will become a thing of the past. These treatments are also a wonderful way to relax you during the pressures of wedding planning.

Body hair: Waxing removes unwanted hair without leaving stubble. It takes the hairs away at the root, unlike a razor which cuts the hairs to a blunt end at skin level. Not only do the hairs take longer to grow back, but they will grow with a natural tapered end and therefore be smoother to the touch. Waxing is recommended every four to six weeks. Don’t leave your first waxing until a week before the wedding in case you suffer irritation or redness.

Tinting: Eyebrow and Eyelash tinting is the best way to look like you are wearing makeup but without the panda eyes. Although you may be wishing to wear mascara on the big day, you will not be wishing for dark smudges around your eyes on your wedding night or after a honeymoon swim.


  • Plan in advance, especially if making drastic changes
  • Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water
  • Get plenty of rest, fresh air and exercise
  • Exfoliate and moisturise your body and face and condition your hair regularly
  • Make the most of your natural beauty with waxing and tinting
  • Relax during the wedding build up with massages and facials


  • Leave new hair colours or drastic cuts until the last minute
  • Test new products weeks before your wedding
  • Smoke or drink to excess if you need to improve your skin condition
  • Choose eyebrow shapes or hair styles just because they are the fashion if they don’t suit you
  • Crash diet as you will starve your body of sugars and fats, which often results in greater weight gain
  • Choose a beautician or stylist just because they are the cheapest – Your photos will last a lifetime

Wedding Prices

  • Hair up £40
  • Hair half up/half down £30
  • Hair Styled £25
  • Make-up £30
  • Facial £25
  • Manicure £30
  • Pedicure £30
  • Indian Head Massage £30
  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £30

Wedding Package:

Hair up, Make-up, Massage, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure £160 (4 hours)

All mobile services are subject to a + 50p per mile mileage for a round trip from Ipswich town centre, to your home address

Cancellations by telephone before the treatment will not be charged.

Doorstep cancellations will be charged at half the treatment price plus mileage.