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Treatments for Teenagers

I currently offer treatments for teenage girls, which include a range of beauty treatments to get girls ready for their prom night. I also provide deep relaxation treatments to help teenagers deal with stress. Read on for more information on the treatments offered for teenagers and more detailed information on teenage stress.

Prom Princess

The perfect gift for girls to get them ready for their special night! I offer a full range of treatments including hair up, make up, massage, facials, manicures and pedicures.


  • Indian Head Massage £25
  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £25
  • Hair half up/half down £25
  • Make-up £25
  • Facial £20
  • Manicure £20
  • Pedicure £20
  • Prom Package
    Hair up, Make-up, Massage, Facial, Manicure and Pedicure: £120 (4 hours)
    All mobile services are subject to a + 50p per mile mileage for a round trip from Ipswich town centre, to your home address

Cancellations by telephone before the treatment will not be charged.

Doorstep cancellations will be charged at half the treatment price plus mileage

Telephone Helen at Complements 01473 730305

Stressed Out Teen

Indian Head Massage and Back Massage are ideal for relieving exam pressure, hormonal changes, head aches, back pain and mood swings.

Teenage Stress Treatments Ipswich

Teenage Stress and Hormonal Changes in Teenagers

EXAMS, periods, acne, peer pressure and first loves all cause teenage stress and can completely overwhelm your child when combined with additional hormonal changes in teenagers. The first symptoms of teenage stress can be mood swings, headaches, aching muscles and oily skin. Although these symptoms can also be due to hormonal changes in teenagers, they can also be aggravated and amplified by teenage stress.
Indian head massage and back, neck and shoulder massage is the perfect way to ease teenage stress and alleviate the problems associated with the hormonal changes in teenagers. The treatments unite deep relaxation with muscle manipulation which eases the aches caused by bad posture while studying or playing on computers, and also releases toxins into the body's natural waste disposal system (the lymph glands).

Hormonal Changes in Teenagers

During adolescents the chemical Dopamine takes a nosedive and results in lack of motivation and interest – hence the "Kevin the teenager" effect. Instead of positive responses to your questions and suggestions, you may now be subjected to grunts or shrugs from your teenager.

Back in the stone-age this biological drop in Dopamine was essential for preserving the human race, as it made teenagers more interested in more exciting things such as sex, fighting and hunting. It basically makes young people want to take risks. This was perfect when you only lived to 35 and were at your strongest and most fertile at 15, but in our society such behaviour is more favourable at around the age of 25, and even then it is controlled by contraceptives, martial art groups and clay pigeon shoots. Unfortunately it would appear that our biological make up has not changed with the times.

The result of these hormonal changes in teenagers today is added teenage stress. There are of course exciting extreme classes your child can join to release this tension, but you have the hurdle of building up enough excitement when encouraging your bored youth to get them there in the first place.

This is why it is more likely that your teenager will turn to alcohol, stealing, smoking and even drug taking during these years, as they do not take much effort to stimulate the teenagers' desire for excitement and risk taking.

Dopamine levels also balance moods, behaviour, sleep patterns and attention, so this at least helps to explain why teenage stress is partly due to the hormonal changes in teenagers.

As well as the decreasing Dopamine levels there are also countless other hormonal changes in teenagers which are changing their bodies from children to adults and hard wiring brain cells in preparation for adult life.

Teenage Stress

As well as the hormonal changes in teenagers there are the other environmental factors which lead to teenage stress. There is the pressure of ever increasing amounts of homework, revision and exams and the need to succeed in order to do well in life.

There are the physical changes due to hormonal changes in teenagers which make them particularly sensitive about their appearance and things that we would consider minor, such as a new whitehead on a Monday morning; hair not quite in place; clothing not identical to friends; or running out of make-up, all are major life threatening events to our teenagers.

Another biggie on the teenage stress gauge is peer pressure and friendships, especially with teenage girls it seems. It can be similar to walking a high-wire when it comes to keeping the peace among friends, not getting caught up in their gossip, but still being a part of the crowd and continuing to remain popular. All this, while trying to please parents and teachers. Adults would find their daily routines and social lives tricky enough after many years of experience, but for our teenagers it is like a daily walk through a mine field where everyone is learning where to tread and where not to.

If all this is not confusing enough for our youngsters there are those massive new emotional feelings of first loves. Feelings so deep and so huge, that each romance feels like it is strong enough to last a life time. Unfortunately, there is then the heart rendering failed romances which feel like life's not worth living, until the next love affair blossoms and the roller coaster begins again.

I have two teenage daughters of my own and so speak from experience, as well as from educational courses, when it comes to dealing with teenage stress. As well as treating my own teenagers to Indian head massages and back, neck and shoulder massages, I see a range of youngsters from aged 13 and upwards for similar relaxation treatments to relieve stress, aching muscles, mood swings, PMT, headaches and other hormonal changes in teenagers.

Teenage Stress Reduction Prices:

Indian Head Massage £25

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £25

All mobile services are subject to a + 50p per mile mileage for a round trip from Ipswich town centre, to your home address

Cancellations by telephone before the treatment will not be charged.

Doorstep cancellations will be charged at half the treatment price plus mileage. 

For more information on the range of beauty and relaxation treatments I offer in Ipswich, Suffolk please contact me.