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Swedish Body Massage

Swedish Body Massage - Ipswich, SuffolkSwedish massage is a holistic therapy which treats the entire being – mind, body and soul to promote harmony and well being through relaxation.  Massage is one of the oldest forms of healing and began as a structured system of touch which produced positive results for people’s health and wellbeing.

Massage therapy has been proved to be an effective, therapeutic tool to rebuild a more positive self-image and sense of self-worth. Many clients who suffer from stress, tension or emotional trauma find massage an effective therapy. It can also help with PMT and menopause symptoms as it promotes relaxation and harmony.

Massage is also effective for treating conditions such as arthritis, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic and acute pain, circulatory problems, digestive disorders, headache, immune function disorders, insomnia, Myofascial pain, reduced range of motion, sports injuries and facial joint dysfunction.

Massage clients are invited to relax into the bliss of an hour’s full body massage or the shorter half hour treatment of a back, neck and shoulder massage. Clients being treated for the first time have a full consultation including medical history and are given advice about how the massage will benefit them and how to look after themselves following a massage. The client lays on a massage couch, face down wearing only their underwear but their modesty is covered with towels at all times.

The massage routine begins on the client’s back where oil is applied and evenly distributed before the massage starts. The massage involves rolling, kneading and stroking techniques designed to stimulate the blood supply to encourage fresh nutrients and oxygen to the flesh, muscles, bones and skin. The body’s natural waste disposal system, the lymph system, is stimulated to aid the removal of toxins from the body. The client will be encouraged to drink lots of water following a massage to assist in the removal of these toxins.

Knots in muscles are manipulated and dispersed through pressure massage and guidance towards the lymph glands, which are mainly situated in the neck and armpits in the upper body. The massage routine then moves onto the backs of the legs where firm massage strokes help to tone the muscles; lessen cellulite and breakdown fatty tissues while moving lymph toward the glands at the back of the knees and in the groin area.

The client then turns over whilst still covered in towels, and once made comfortable, the feet are oiled and massaged and then the front of the legs. During this process the client is encouraged to close their eyes and relax quietly while gentle music is played in a candle lit room. However, some clients like to chat throughout the massage, which is fine, and often their way of unloading burdens and therefore receiving further therapy.

Once the legs are massaged the therapist will move onto the stomach area, which is particularly beneficial for anyone suffering with digestive problems. The therapist then massages the client’s shoulders, arms and hands before finally reaching the neck, head and face area.

At the beginning and end of each massage the client is requested to take three deep breathes to clear their lungs, become deeply relaxed and to mark the start and finish of the treatment. The experience of massage is one of very deep relaxation on top of the physical benefits brought about by the massage techniques. The client’s energy centres will become rebalanced during the massage which will help the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The client will feel relaxed and peaceful and often feels light headed and floaty following a massage

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