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Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing Ipswich, SuffolkReiki, the ancient Tibetan art of healing, channels universal life force energy through the therapist’s hands to the client. The channelled Reiki energy aids the body’s natural ability to heal itself as rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the 19th Century. Reiki has been practiced for thousands of years and heals on all levels.

Negative energy blocks are cleared to promote a balanced mind, body and soul. This therapy is non-intrusive and clients receive healing fully clothed while lying down. The therapist’s hands hover just above the client and the client may experience heat or a tingling sensation as well as deep relaxation, peace and well being.

Reiki therapy is also very effective on animals and birds and even plants. Reiki is called hands on healing, however, during a treatment the therapist’s hand rarely touch the client. Helen was once asked about Swedish and Indian head massage and whether she also “did that thing where you wave your hands over people and make them feel better?” She agreed and laughed, as it is difficult to explain the mechanics of Reiki healing to those who believe and trust in this ancient therapy, let alone anyone who has never heard of it.

The conversation became even more hilarious as Helen explained that the healing energy is channelled through her hands to her client’s aura without her actually having to touch them physically, for the beneficial effects to take place. The client said they could understand massage and people paying and therapist to touch them, but was sceptical about this particular healing therapy.

To make matters worse, Helen then explained about distant healing with Reiki. Not only could a Reiki therapist  send healing energy to clients in the next town and to those in America, but also to people and animals who had passed away. Helen told the client she could not physically show them Reiki energy, but she could channel it, and let the client witness the improvements themselves. We plug in televisions to allow the flow of electricity. We cannot see the electricity coming out of the socket, but we witness the screen come to life.

Reiki is believed to have been used in ancient times by Tibetan monks. About one hundred years ago in Japan, Dr Mikao Usui rediscovered this simple art of healing. He attuned people to become Reiki channels and in turn they attuned others, and eventually Reiki spread across the World and became part of Western civilisation. A Reiki healer can channel this life force energy to any human, animal or plant and they only need the intention to heal to enable the energy to flow.

How does it work? The belief is that all living things have energy (breath, prana or chi) running through their systems which causes them to be alive. This energy is in abundance in the universe, and a Reiki healer can channel a concentrated amount to their client. Our body has the ability to heal itself. If we are cut, our body’s energies repair the damage. With added Reiki energy the healing takes place quicker. Reiki not only works on a physical level, but spiritually and emotionally too. As it cannot be scientifically proven to exist, Helen can only tell you a healer’s beliefs.

Whether it is ever proved scientifically to exist or turns out to be a placebo, does it really matter as long as it has the desired positive result? And it does! Helen once saw a client who suffered terribly with vertigo. She had exhausted all other treatments including western medicines, and came to her for Reiki healing. After a half hour session the client left, but a year later Helen bumped into her and enquired about the vertigo. The client replied: “After I saw you, the vertigo went away almost immediately, so I didn’t need to come back again.” Some time later she recommended that a friend with the same symptoms receive Reiki.

Another Reiki occasion was when Helen gave channelled Reiki to a pet hamster which was foaming at the mouth and having difficulty breathing. The next day, the hamster was bright eyed and expectant at the bars waiting for his breakfast. There are many more tales of people, animals and plants benefiting from Reiki treatments. Maybe these are all coincidence, maybe not, but Helen’s clients are always treated with the best intentions.

Reiki healings Ipswich / Suffolk - contact Helen now to book a treatment or attunement.