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Reiki Attunements

Reiki Healing Ipswich, SuffolkReceiving Reiki healing can lead to profound and wonderful changes in a client’s life. Becoming a Reiki healer also brings about such beneficial changes. However, as a client these benefits will only be witnessed during the treatment period and surrounding weeks. As a healer this empowerment lasts a lifetime, it never goes away and only becomes stronger with use.

Reiki is not a religion. Reiki only works for the good. Reiki heals physically, mentally and spiritually.

On a physical level, I have witnessed clients’ ailments decline and sometimes disappear over night. On an emotional level I’ve witnessed clients develop an inner strength which has helped them cope with the most trying of situations. On a spiritual level I’ve seen clients’ lives completely change for the better.

For instance, a woman who had family overseas was afraid of flying. She had allowed her phobia to prevent her from holding her children and grandchildren. However, after receiving Reiki healing, she enjoyed better health and her life began to unfold along a new positive path. She redecorated her home; lost weight; gained new confidence, and booked up with a hypno-therapist to help her overcome her flying phobia. These were all things she could have done before Reiki, but hadn’t.

As with all complementary therapies, Reiki heals the cause of the problem and not the symptom. As stated in earlier writings, if a person suffers stress through worry their stomach will begin to feel queasy as their energy systems (the chakras) become unbalanced. If the stress is felt on a daily basis over a period of time, the worry could result in a symptom as serious as a stomach ulcer.

Although western medicines will combat the ulcer they will not take away the cause. Reiki brings about a relaxed and balanced state which combats the cause of dis-ease. I would like to add here that I will never discourage anyone from taking their doctor’s advice or prescribed medication. Reiki has no contra-indications (meaning it does not aggravate existing illnesses) and can be used alongside any medication to help treat any condition.

To become a Reiki healer you first need to find a Reiki Master to attune you as a channel for healing energy.

Some will stumble across their Reiki teacher by accident without having any former intention to become a healer.  That is what happened to me. Others will actively decide to become a Reiki healer and set about searching for one.
Reiki is divided up into three levels; Reiki I – self healing; Reiki II - healing others: Reiki III or Masters - healing as a way of life.

Each level is obtained by completing a course taught by a Reiki Master and during this course a ritual, passed on from Master to Master, will be carried out to allow the healing energy to flow through the trainee.

The term ritual can sound very scary, but in fact, it is a most beautiful experience which involves the trainee sitting comfortably, relaxed with eyes closed, while the Reiki Master performs the ceremony. The trainee will feel their hands being placed together in a prayer position and then lifted above their head for a short time during part of the process. They may also feel a blowing sensation on their hands and forehead during the attunement.

Each course that I teach lasts around five hours (usually between 10am and 3pm), costs £100 and consists of a light lunch; a Reiki treatment; Reiki attunement and the surrounding knowledge and symbols relating to each level.

If you research you will find some teachers charge an increasing amount for each level and this is usual. However, I believe each level comes with its own and equal benefits. Also, other courses may be spread across days rather than hours. Reiki is a simple technique and I prefer to teach it without packaging.

I give all my trainees my telephone number and they are free to ask for my support, guidance or advice during our life times. I usually teach on a one-to-one basis, but if a trainee and their friend or friends wish to be taught in a joint session, this can be arranged. Trainees will be given a folder containing some literature, but they are also free to take notes throughout the course if they wish.

Attunements bring about a 21 day clearance of the trainee. Sometimes this clearance will start before the attunement commences because the intention to be attuned has already been made (some spiritual ways cannot be explained and just are). To help the clearance take place the trainee should start to look after themselves prior to the course by drinking plenty of clear water and herbal teas; eating fresh fruit and vegetables and non-processed foods; getting plenty of sleep; general relaxation and getting close to nature.

Reiki I

The purpose of this level is to enable the Reiki trainee to self heal in order to improve their own life and health and also, so they can prepare themselves as a “clearer” channel for Reiki II healing.
The trainee will be given a firm foundation in what Reiki is; how Reiki was rediscovered a hundred years ago; how it branched out from Japan to the western world; techniques for self healing and grounding in the Reiki ideals.
Sacred symbols and mantras are used during the practise of Reiki and the power symbol is taught at this level.

At the end of the day the Reiki I is presented with a certificate; encouraged to heal themselves and meditate regularly; keep a journal; live by the Reiki ideals and practise channelling the energy to family, friends, animals and plants.

Reiki II

Reiki II opens the healing channel further to allow a stronger energy vibration. It is the level at which healers are qualified to treat paying clients once they become confident in their methods and are insured through organisations such as BABTAC or the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Distant healing is also achieved at level two and enables healers to channel Reiki energy across time and space. It is a wonderful method of treating those who are not open to Reiki healing or do not live within easy physical reach.

A trainee has to be a Reiki I before they can become a Reiki II and it is best if a matter of months or longer have passed between attunements. Some healers, however, are happy to remain Reiki I’s for their lifetime.

During a Reiki II course, as well as a healing treatment, meditation and attunement, the foundations of Reiki I are recapped; the chakra system and its relevance to Reiki is discussed;  the ethics of becoming a professional healer are taught, along with how to carry out a professional treatment from start to finish, and how to send distant healing.

Two Reiki symbols, their mantras and how they can be used to enhance Reiki healing are also taught at level two.

After the Reiki II receives their certificate, they are encouraged to carry out a number of case studies to learn about the various effects of Reiki energy and to gain confidence in their own ability to channel Reiki energy.

Reiki III   

Many Reiki II’s wish to remain at this level. There are others who, after a year or more of practising Reiki at level two, are driven to become Reiki IIIs/Reiki Masters/Reiki teachers.

A Reiki Master lives their life by the Reiki ideals because they know it is the way to health and happiness, and at its peak, enlightenment.

Some Reiki Masters will feel the desire to teach; others will wish to use the stronger energy flow for enhanced healing; and some want to use Reiki during each daily task to enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.

If a person was a tube which has been filled with blockages during the ups and downs of their life, Reiki I would skim off the scum on top; Reiki II would sift though the murky middle depths; and Reiki III would clear out the thick sediment of waste at the bottom.

Each attunement is just the start of each clearance, and so, just because someone is a Reiki Master it does not mean they become instantly crystal clear. After the attunement the sediment starts to clear, but it takes a lifetime of commitment to reach total clarity.

A Reiki Master continues to self heal; continues to heal others; teachers Reiki to others if they choose; heals distantly and with imagination and creativity; uses Reiki in daily tasks such as cooking and child care; channels Reiki through the arts and lives by the Reiki ideals.

Reiki always works for the good. It heals on all levels – mind, body and soul.
So, just for today, do not be angry, do not worry, but be grateful for all that you do have. Devote yourself to your work and be kind to others and all living things.

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