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Mobile Beauty Treatments Ipswich, Suffolk

Imagine feeling relaxed and pampered while surrounded by all your home comforts. Helen Skene is a mobile beauty therapist for women in Ipswich and offers mobile beauty treatments to customers in and around the Ipswich, Suffolk. Beauty treatments are offered in the clients’ own home, Helen’s home or at town centre clinics, Wellspring and Gymophobics.

Choose from a host of Ipswich mobile beauty treatments including seaweed body wraps, massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, eyebrow shapes and eyelash tints. These can be enjoyed as a treat, as part of a woman’s well-being programme, for general maintenance such as waxing, or in preparation for weddings, holidays or other special occasions.


Take time out for one of Helen’s comforting and soothing facials. Facials vary and have many different names but can involve a combination of facial cleansing, steaming, a face mask, massage to the face, neck and upper back and mask removal. The facial ends with skin toning and moisturising.

Facials are calming and enjoyable and can help improve the complexion by removing dirt particles, deep cleansing and exfoliating. It has a number of benefits such as improving blood circulation through massage and is thought to slow down premature aging.

Choose from a deep cleanse facial or revitalising facial. A deep cleanse facial is suitable for clients with oily skin or an uneven skin tone. The facial starts with a skin analysis and includes a deep pore and tissue cleansing to help clear the skin and improve circulation. It also involves facial extractions, a smoothing mask and either a moisturiser or acne treatment. Deep cleanse facials does not involve a facial massage as this can aggravate skin prone to breakouts.

A revitalising facial is wonderfully relaxing and is designed for tired skin in need of a pick-me up. It will firm, tone and moisturise your skin leaving it fully rejuvenated. It also involves a massage to the face, neck and upper back and a relaxing face mask.

Deep Cleanse Facial £25

Revitalising Facial £30


Sparkle all day and evening with beautiful nails. A basic manicure involves soaking the fingertips, filing and shaping the nails and pushing back the cuticles. Nail polish can be applied in a colour of your choice after a soothing hand and arm massage.

Your hands are always on show so beautifully manicured nails not only look attractive, but can give you a confidence boost. A manicure improves the condition of skin and nails and increases circulation. The massage is a great stress-buster and afterwards you can feel relaxed and ready for the day or evening ahead.

Manicure (basic) £25

Manicure (with polish) £30


A pedicure can beautify this often neglected part of your body and give you a fantastic confidence lift. Think of those open toed sandals or pretty peep toe shoes that will look fabulous with attractive nails and feet. It is also worthwhile investing in a pedicure before you go on holiday too, as your feet will be on constant show.

A pedicure is the same as a manicure but for the feet. It involves soaking the toes, getting rid of dead skin, filing and shaping the nails and pushing back the cuticles. Nail polish can be applied in a colour of your choice after a soothing foot and lower leg massage. It is a great stress-buster and helps increase circulation. It also improves the condition of your skin – such as dry or hard skin or split nails. A pedicure is wonderfully relaxing and you won’t be afraid to put your feet on show.

Pedicure (basic) £25

Pedicure (with polish) £30


Waxing is a quick and effective method of hair removal. It usually lasts between four and six weeks, but regrowth is usually much finer. Waxing your legs and underarms before a holiday, or night out means you can relax knowing your skin is smooth and beautifully hair free. A leg wax is also great for day-to day peace of mind.

The wax is warmed and applied to the relevant area with a spatula. A strip is laid on top of the wax which is removed quickly, taking away the unwanted hair. When the wax is stripped off it does provide some element of discomfort, but the sensation is much the same as when a plaster is removed. A soothing lotion is then applied on top of the waxed area to calm the skin and reduce redness. Complements also offer a lip and chin wax for an extra confidence lift.

Waxing: half legs £20

Full legs £30

Underarms £15

Lip £10

Chin £15

Eyebrow Shape and Eyelash Tint

Wake with confidence with an eyebrow shape and eyelash tint. Tinted lashes and an eyebrow tidy means you can look great even before you apply your make-up. A lash tint makes your top and bottom lashes darker, so your eyes stand out and is a great treatment to have before a holiday to give you ultimate confidence. It can enhance your eyes so you can dazzle when you come out of the pool or after sunbathing!

Eyelash or eyebrow tints offer a perfect solution for those who are sensitive to eye-make up and for people who take part in swimming or sporting activities. It is a relatively quick procedure and your therapist will help you choose your colour for the best results. Helen will need to carry out a patch test before tinting to ensure your skin is not sensitive to treatment. It will usually last around 6 weeks.

For eyebrow shaping, Helen will discuss with you the most fitting eyebrow shape and cleanse the area before applying warm wax with a spatula. Helen will lay a paper strip on top of the wax which will be removed quickly. A soothing lotion is then applied on top of the waxed area.

Eyebrow shape £15

Eyelash tint £15

Eyebrow tint £15

Seaweed Body Wrapping

Seaweed body wrapping is a wonderfully relaxing, natural detoxifying inch loss treatment. It nourishes the skin and deeper tissues and teamed with a healthy diet and increased activity, can aid weight loss.

Treatment starts with a full body cleanse with a revitalising mint scented product. A firming agent is applied, followed by a toning formula. The seaweed gel is then massaged into the client’s body who is then wrapped in bandages for a tranquil hour of relaxation.

The product soaks into the skin and deeper tissues where detoxification takes place and the poisons and toxins are broken down and released into the body’s natural waste system. It leaves you feeling wonderfully relaxed and your skin beautifully silky and soft. It also creates a more toned appearance.

After the wrap treatment, the bandages are removed and the client is advised to drink lots of water over the next 48 hours to “flush out the toxins.” It is advisable not to shower straight away as the treatment can still carry on working for up to 12 hours.

The seaweed body wrap is £45 and anyone receiving a body wrap will be offered either a facial or manicure (with polish) at an offer price of £15.

Home Pampering

Mobile beauty treatments offer the luxury and convenience of a pampering session in your home. As beauty treatments are carried out in your own familiar surroundings, you can give yourself plenty of time to relax afterwards. Home treatments are great if you work full-time and are pushed for time or have children and infants and find it difficult to organise a quiet period for yourself. At home beauty treatments are ideal before a special occasion or night out as you don’t have to rush home to get changed.

All mobile services are subject to a + 50p per mile mileage for a round trip from Ipswich town centre, to your home address.

About Helen

I am based in Ipswich, Suffolk and was a hairdresser for many years before discovering a passion for complementary therapies. I have City and Guilds’ qualifications in manicure and make up and a Certificate of Best Start Business Programme. I have also been certified by the Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene and St John Ambulance (Moving and Handling Principles). I am the East Anglian Daily Times Suffolk Magazine health correspondent.

My clients are based all over the Ipswich area, including the surrounding towns and villages. My friendly and professional mobile beauty treatment service means they can feel relaxed, pampered and fully-rejuvenated in familiar surroundings.

Mobile Beauty Treatments Ipswich – contact me now for more information or to book an appointment.