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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage Ipswich, SuffolkIndian head massage is a stress decreasing, energy increasing therapy based on the ancient system of medicine known as Ayurveda which means the science of life and longevity through the balance of body, mind and spirit. This system has been practiced in India for thousands of years.

Indian head massage balances your body’s natural energy systems – the chakras. Deep relaxation is achieved through head, face, neck, shoulder and back massage while the client remains seated. Indian head massage therapy eases aches and pains, promotes healing, increases circulation and encourages hair growth. Indian head massage also benefits PMT, headaches, poor sleep patterns, restlessness and emotional imbalance.

An Indian head massage client would receive a full consultation before the Indian head massage commences to assess their medical history, stress and energy levels, diet, sleep patterns and other daily habits. The client will be asked to remove the clothes from the top half of their body and they will be able to wrap a bath towel around their torso before sitting in an upright chair. Their feet must be flat on the floor and their hands relaxed in their lap. The therapist will then encourage the client to close their eyes and take three deep breathes before the Indian head massage begins.

In an atmosphere of soft music and candlelight if desired the Indian head massage will begin with oil being massaged over the upper back, shoulders, upper arms and neck area. Unless a client particularly requests oil to be massaged into their head and hair the therapist will not do this. The client is supported in the sitting position while the therapist begins to massage the client’s back and shoulders. The upper arms are then squeezed and kneaded before the therapist moves onto the client’s neck and head areas.

Stress is often carried in the upper back and shoulders and manifests as “knots” and tight muscles which can be manipulated, dispersed and relaxed through massage. The client’s head is then massaged with rotary fingertip massage, pressure point massage, and friction and tapping techniques.

Finally the client’s face and ears are massaged which helps to clear sinuses and improve energy levels. Sweeping strokes across the client’s head, shoulders and back complete this half hour treatment and the client is asked to take three deep breathes before opening their eyes in their own time.

Indian head massage is probably the best massage for stress related conditions as it rebalances the body’s natural energy centres and sends the client in to a state of deep, blissful relaxation.  Many clients report the following positive reactions following an Indian head massage: relief from stress and muscular tension; an increased feeling of awareness; feelings of calm, peace and tranquillity because of the re-balancing of the chakras; improved sleep patterns (deep and restful); feelings of alertness and being clearer in mental thought; increased energy levels; elevation of mood; pain relief; increased joint mobility.

Indian head massage should initially and ideally be carried out once a week for maximum benefit. Clients are advised to book a course of between four and six treatments. Maintenance Indian head massages to keep the body balanced should be carried out at least monthly. Other benefits of regular Indian head massage treatments include improvement in hair condition and hair growth; reduction in stress levels; increased energy levels; a general sense of wellbeing; improved sleep patterns and improvement in circulation.

For more information on Indian Head Massage, and to book your treatment in Ipswich / Suffolk, please contact Helen.