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Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stone Massage - Ipswich, SuffolkHot stone massage is a therapy that soothes away aches and pains with the comforting, therapeutic heat of Basalt stones. This full body treatment helps to rebalance the body’s natural energy systems leaving an overall sumptuous feeling of health and wellbeing.

The treatment involves the placing of hot stones, massage incorporating hot stones and Swedish massage for a deeper, more intense treatment.

Hot stone massage therapy reduces back pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression and helps to improve the circulation. The hot stones expand the blood vessels, helping to move blood faster round the body, sedating the nervous system. Cold stones can also be used to stimulate the nervous system and increase the lymph flow.

Large and medium basalt stones are heated in water to a hot but safe temperature ready for the hot stone massage. Smaller basalt stones and chakra stones such as amethyst and quartz are chilled in ice cold water.

The hot stone massage client receives a full consultation to review their medical history to ensure there are no contra indications, such as conditions which are aggravated by heat, before the treatment commences. The client removes all their jewellery and clothing, accept for underwear, before lying on the massage table where they are covered with a white flannel sheet.

For the hot stone massage routine the client begins by lying on their back, taking three deep breathes and closing their eyes. The therapist places cold stones on the client’s eyelids and chakra stones in the relevant areas. Hot stones are then placed strategically under the shoulders, across the chest and stomach, along the legs and between the toes.

Massage oil is distributed over the clients face and shoulders and hot stones are used as part of a sweeping massage routine which incorporates direct stone pressure and the therapeutic qualities of heat from the stones. The client’s arms and hands are then oiled and massaged, followed by the legs and feet. The client then turns over and the back of the legs and then the back receive the hot stone massage treatment.

During the massage the therapist will use various techniques to achieve desired affects. Direct stone pressure may be applied to knots and tight muscles; long sweeping strokes using the hot stones may be used to bring about deep relaxation; and kneading and rolling techniques may be incorporated to increase the circulation. A number of hot stones may be placed in particular areas of the body and left for several minutes on those areas for maximum heat and weight impact. A certain amount of Swedish massage may also be used to distribute the oil before the hot stones are applied and for areas where a more flowing massage is required.

Once the hot stone massage is complete and all the stones have been removed, the client is asked to take three deep breathes before they open their eyes and come back to their surroundings.

The benefits of hot stone massage are the promotion of deep muscle and tissue relaxation; alleviation of stress; toxins are released and dispelled from the body; pain relief; improved circulation; promotes feelings of calm and wellbeing. Health condition which can be treated with hot stone massage include muscular aches and pains, back pain; MS, arthritis; fibromylagia; stress and anxiety; circulatory problems; insomnia and depression.   

For more information on hot stone massage and to book your treatment in Ipswich or Suffolk, please contact Helen.