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Weight Loss – Complementary Therapies – Treatments to promote Health and Healing

SINCE my teens I had been on a constant treadmill of diets when I should have been eating freely and jogging on that treadmill.

I tried every conceivable method of dieting from all carbohydrate menus to all protein foods, from black coffee and grapefruit diets to throat-closing cabbage soups.
Despite almost 30 years of starvation and deprivation I weighed more than I did at 15 years old!

If this was not depressing enough my yo-yo dieting resulted in repeatedly losing flattering flesh off my face and bust, only to find the flab reappearing a few months later on my bottom and thighs.

I had become a middle aged pear!

However, during the last two years I discovered there was a light at the end of the tunnel (and a lighter end to the scales).

This phenomenon, which had escaped me for so many years, was exercise.
I found that by just cycling to work twice a week and jogging a couple of miles, I could eat what I wanted and not put on a pound.

My obsession with food ceased, my energy levels increased; my stress levels decreased, my moods became more balanced and I lost weight.

People gain weight because they take in more calories than they burn off.
A client who came to me for help with weight loss stated: “I eat when I’m depressed, I eat when I’m tired and I eat when I am lonely, but I rarely eat because I am hungry.”
Like most women affected by hormones, the pull of the moon and the usual daily occurrences, this client lived on an emotional wave of highs and lows.

Exercise releases endorphins or happy hormones into the body lifting the spirits and increasing energy levels and motivation.

Other treatments and therapies encourage good health and well being and some, such as seaweed body wraps, can aid weight loss.

A healthy diet and increased activity can be enhanced by this natural detoxifying inch loss treatment.

As well as being truly relaxing the seaweed wrap nourishes the skin and deeper tissues, while producing a more toned appearance.

The client’s body is cleansed with a refreshing mint-scented product; a firming agent is then applied followed by a toning formula.

A nutritious seaweed gel is then massaged into the client’s body and finally they are wrapped firmly in bandages.

During an hour of deep relaxation (the client cannot do otherwise wrapped like an Egyptian mummy) the products penetrate the skin leaving it soft and supple.
The ocean products soak through the pores to the inner tissues where detoxification takes place and fats and poisons are broken down and pushed into the body’s natural waste system – the lymph vessels.

After the treatment the bandages are removed and the client is advised to drink plenty of water during the next 48 hours to aid the “flushing out” of the toxins.
The product continues working for up to 12 hours so the client is also asked not to shower immediately.
The gel soaks into the skin rather than onto the bandages so the client’s skin is silky and dry and ready to be dressed as soon as the bandages are removed.  

My weight-loss client could have lost a stone in a few months using will power and deprivation, but she would have felt unhappy and lacking in energy.

Also, after following such the strict regime it was likely she would have rapidly restored her body to its former wobbly glory by catching up on all those much missed calories within weeks of reaching her target weight.

The alternative was a long term programme which slowly decreased the amount of food she ate, gradually changed the type of food she cooked, silently introduced an exercise routine, and provided time for pampering which increased her self esteem and to stabilised her emotions.

A holistic mind, body and spirit approach to a better self is a healthier way to a better self.

My weight-loss client found an inner peace through the holistic approach. It evened out her emotions, boosted her self confidence and in turn caused her to eat less. This inner beauty was reflected on her healthy, smiling face, and as my grandmother always said: “Look after our face Helen, and your bottom will look after itself.”

Helen is a complementary therapist and beauty therapist offering treatments to ladies in Ipswich and Suffolk. For more information on seaweed body wrapping treatments, please click here. Or click here to make an appointment.