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Complementary Therapies - Detox, Health And Stress Reduction With Holistic Healing

LIFE is one long chain of diverse events which cause our paths to twist and turn in many unexpected ways.

Eight years ago while I was still a journalist for the Evening Star and East Anglian Daily Times, I trained in anatomy, physiology, massage and Reiki.
At the time it was just a hobby and I never dreamt that one day I would put reporting on the shelf in favour of complementary therapy.

Now, my average week begins on a Monday at the Iceni Project in Foundation Street, Ipswich, where addicts receive support, advice and treatments to help them combat their cravings, so they can begin to twist and turn their lives and lead a healthier existence.

The massages and healing I carry out there not only helps to release toxins out of client’s bodies, but also gives them a feeling of well being and self worth, which is paramount to their success.

The majority of addicts despise themselves for their weaknesses, but anyone who has ever tried to stop smoking permanently; tried to cut out fats and sugars in their diets for ever; or tried to never drink a drop of alcohol again, will understand that being addicted to substances is not a weakness, it is being human.

Many readers would have seen the Five Daughters drama series on television a few months ago in which the lives of the five young women killed by Steve Wright were portrayed.

The Iceni Project was featured prominently in the programme, because several of the women had been clients requesting help in kicking their drug habits. They didn’t want to be addicted to heroin and working the streets to pay for drugs any more than the rest of us would want to.
It was simply due to the twists and turns in their lives that resulted in their lifestyles and fate.

Many of the women I treat at Iceni have never experienced the bliss that comes from a good old fashioned pamper session. Some suffer phobias about being touched, and few have ever experienced the pleasure of being massaged without being expected to give something in return.  

The work I do is only a tiny part of the amount achieved by the large team of therapists, counsellors and advisors at the Iceni Project. 

During ten years of court reporting I discovered that the majority of crimes, from burglaries to murders, were in some way drug or alcohol related. Iceni is trying to tackle these problems head on. Unfortunately funding for this Ipswich charity has recently been cut, so volunteer help and donations are more valuable than ever.
As for the rest of the week: it’s hand and arm massages for day patients at St Elizabeth Hospice; a full body massage for an elderly woman at her Ipswich home; a back massage at Gymophobics (a gym for women who hate gyms) in Princes Street; an Indian Head Massage at the Wellspring Centre of Health and Healing in Lower Brook Street; a women’s pamper evening to raise funds for a toddler group in Martlesham; a day of massages for staff at an Ipswich Insurance company; a hot stone massage at my home salon and a seaweed wrap for a bride-to-be who doesn’t want to struggle into her dress on her big day.

Journalism was about writing news copy – about different people, in different settings, with different stories to tell. Complementary therapy is about massage and healing – involving different clients, in different locations, with different stories to tell.
Only now, the stories I’m told remain confidential.

Helen is a complementary therapist and beauty therapist offering treatments to ladies in Ipswich and Suffolk. For more information on swedish body massage, hot stone massage, Reiki Healing and Reiki Attunements, click on these links.