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Jogging/Ipswich - Reduce stress and aid relaxation through fitness

I HAVE never been much of a sports woman, but it was not until I could not go running that I realised how much this exercise structured my life.

About four years ago I began a three times a week run (strictly speaking a slow jog) first thing in the morning before I had time to think what I was doing or talk myself out of it.

It all started when I ran the Felixstowe Half Marathon in place of my brother who became ill after registering for this race. I hadn’t trained enough and had nightmares about coming last and everyone going home before I completed the course.

On that occasion my nightmares became my reality as the race stewards packed away the mile markers as I passed them.

I’m not training for any marathons this year, but the 5k Race for Life is looming in the summer and by running three miles three times a week I should not be the last over the line at this event.

However, a few weeks ago my youngest daughter accidently jammed my foot in the bathroom door. I lost my toenail and was hobbling about in flip-flops for a week or so.

I had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Soft music was playing, the lights were low and my massage client was ready for an hours’ relaxation when an unusual din erupted from upstairs.

 I flew up the steps to find my teenage daughters had had a tiff and the shrieker was in hiding in the bathroom. As I prised the door open to remind her to be quiet while I was working from home, the door was slammed on my foot (the force was directed at her sister, not an unsuspecting mother).

The outcome was that I could not go running for two weeks.

During that fortnight I found I felt more lethargic due to the lack of exercise, so I ate more sugary and fatty foods in the hope of boosting my energy.

This made me feel more sluggish and slovenly and I began smoking again. I felt so retched that I also drank more. The result was I felt worse. After a fortnight of poisoning myself I gave myself a good talking to and went for a run.

It felt good to be pounding the streets again, albeit with a nicotine patch on my thigh and the promise of yoghurt and herbal tea for breakfast.  It feels great to be alive!

Anyone else who would like to take part in this year’s Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life should visit www.raceforlife.org.

By Helen Skene

Complements Mobile Health and Healing for Suffolk Women

Telephone 01473 743038