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Hairstyles – Beauty Treatments – Cuts and Colours for Healthy Hair

My client sat before me clutching a picture of Jennifer Aniston and declared that this was how she wanted to look after her hair was cut and styled.

My heart dropped through my feet as I combed her short frizzy locks. With all the best will in the world I would need a magic wand to turn the Brillo pad of hair into Jennifer’s long, sleek mane.

Even if my client had long tresses to work with, there was the added hurdle of turning this 80 year old pretty grandmother into Miss 40 something and stunning.
My client was not so unrealistic as to think I could actually transform her hair and turn back the clock half a life time. She didn’t really expect to leave me, looking like Jennifer. She just wanted to feel like a star. To look the best she could look.
I recently asked my hairdresser friend to chop my hair off just above my shoulders as I had decided this was the look for me. A new attractive, more confident me!

During the next fortnight I received comments such as: “Oh, you’ve had your hair cut,” or worse still no acknowledgement that my look had dramatically changed.
When I gazed at my reflection I could see why. The face looking back at me had a squared jaw, and the blocked off haircut made my head look almost triangular. Not a good look!

I disappeared into my bathroom armed with scissors and comb (not recommended, as usually regretted) and layered out the harshness of the cut until curls softened my jaw line once more.

Mainly, when I enter a salon, I just want the hairdresser to say: “I know just what will suit you.” I am the same when it comes to clothes shopping.

I have no idea what looks good on me, only what feels comfortable. I would return to a store a hundred times if just once a shop assistant appeared with an armful of outfits which were perfect for me.

If we have big hips we avoid jeans with no pockets, if we are less than five foot tall and weigh twelve stone, micro skirts are out, so why do we insist on a particular hairstyle just because it is fashionable or Trudy down the road has it and it looks great on her.

Face shape should be the deciding factor.

Oval – any hairstyle and any length suits this balanced face shape, but take the hair away from the face rather than onto it, and avoid heavy fringes.

Rectangular – short to medium length styles should be full at the sides to add width, with wispy fringes to soften and shorten the face length. Layered styles work well, but avoid too much height.

Round – try hairstyles with fullness and height at the crown and with off-centre partings to reduce the roundness. Short styles with a swept-back direction and styles longer than chin length are good. Layer at the crown for fullness and keep the rest of style close to the face to lengthen and narrow the shape.

Square – styles which are short to medium length with a wave or roundness around the face are perfect. Wispy fringes and layers soften the face shape and off-centre partings with height at the crown also flatter square features.

Heart – chin length or longer styles are best, with side parted hair; swept forward layers around the upper face and with wispy fringes. A chin length bob is good and creates a balanced look. Shorter styles should have weight in the back nape area.

Triangular – shorter styles which balance the prominent jaw line are flattering. Hair that is full at the temples and tapers at the jaw are perfect for this shape, along with off centre partings, wedges and shaggy styles. This shape needs lots of layers to achieve fullness at the temples.

Diamond – almost anything goes, but keep weight in the back nape area to achieve balance between your dramatic cheekbones and delicate chin.

As well as a haircut, colour can do wonders to create your perfect look.

A client with 30 per cent grey hair among her natural dark blonde shade said to me: “I want my hair coloured dark blonde all over. I want it to look natural, and I don’t want you to use any chemicals because they will dry out my hair.”

So where is that magic wand? Luckily for her, today’s permanent colours add a shiny richness to maturing hair.

Hairdressers cannot achieve the impossible, but it is possible to achieve the best look for you.

Helen is a complementary therapist and beauty therapist offering treatments to ladies in Ipswich and Suffolk. Click here to make an appointment.