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Christmas/Ipswich – Massage To Reduce Stress, Headaches And Back Pain

CHRISTMAS! It’s the happiest time of year; a time for rejoicing, family celebrations, smiling children and an abundance of food and presents.
The season means all of these things and more to me, but it can also be an overwhelming time with great expectations to fulfil.
The reality for many Suffolk women is that Christmas brings with it feelings of stress and anxiety as they prepare for this momentous day and strive to meet their families’ and friends’ hopes and dreams.

Such feelings of dread begin around October when the first Christmas adverts appear on television; shortly followed by the emergence of Christmas present lists, eagerly written by hopeful children wading through department store catalogues.
I don’t know about you, but I always delay the inevitable onslaught by stating that I can’t possibly think about Christmas until Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night are over. Then, all of a sudden, they are, and it’s time for action.
What to buy who? How much will it cost? Can I afford it? Will they like it? Is it enough? Is it too much? The tension! The guilt!

Apart from the present dilemma there is the other big predicament. The family! Why does everyone want to see you on Christmas Day? Not the day before or the day after, it has to be on `The Day’.

And with this comes the quandary of what will they expect for dinner? Have I got enough plates? Have I got enough chairs? We can’t possibly invite Aunt Mary and Aunt Audrey as they never get along, and granddad will want to watch the Queens Speech while the children will wish to play party games. It really is endless, tiring, stress.

I remember one year both my grandmothers were invited to my parents’ house for Christmas Day. “Ooh haven’t you got old,” said one, while the other replied: “And haven’t you got fat.” And so the scene was set.

A client once told me that she had asked her husband if she could invite her mother round to their home for the Christmas period. He said: “Yes, of course my love. So, where are we going?”

For many women the build up to Christmas is a time of deep stress, anxiety and tension, and then the day is done. They can sit back with a box of chocolates and a bottle of Irish cream and relax in the knowledge that they did all they could to make the day a special one for all those they love.

Then they remember the party they invited twenty friends to on Boxing Day!
The aftermath is equally as unpleasant as women all over Suffolk (and across the country) tuck into those left over mince pies, nuts and Christmas puddings, because they have over shopped and don’t want to waste it. And of course they are planning to start their diets on New Year’s Day and need to get all the temptation out of the way first.

By the New Year they feel exhausted from the Christmas build up; broke from the over spend; bloated from  binging on leftovers; hung-over from the New Year’s Eve party; and depressed because they resolved to quit smoking as the clock struck midnight.

I can’t help with the extra plates and chairs, but I can offer a deeply relaxing Indian Head Massage to relieve tension and headaches; a Luxurious Pampering Massage to ease away those stresses and strains and an Inch Reducing Seaweed Wrap for those embarking on post Christmas diets.

If you are wondering what would be the perfect gift for your special women perhaps a complementary therapy treatment would be the ideal Christmas treat.
Gift vouchers are available on request.
Merry Christmas everyone!

By Helen Skene.

Complements Mobile Health and Healing for Suffolk Women
Telephone 01473 743038