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Chakras – Complementary Therapies – Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing

WESTERN medicines can be fast acting cures, but many of us are becoming increasingly concerned about their harsh side effects.

A friend and client, was recently prescribed anti depressants after her mental state plummeted due to anxieties at work. She was suffering dark moods, paranoia and low self esteem.

Although the long term use of the medication would have treated her depression, the pills took up to six weeks to work effectively and in the mean time she could expect side effects including a worsening of moods and suicidal tendencies.

She used complementary therapy to alleviate these side effects and to help the overall healing process.

Complementary therapies work by targeting the cause of the ailment (stress) rather than the symptom (depression in this case) and, therefore, can be used successfully alongside Western medicines to literally “complement” the healing.

Holistic therapies aim to treat the whole person, by restoring mind, body and soul, enabling them to heal quicker on all levels.

On a physical level a therapy, depending on its type, would increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body. Mentally a therapy would be beneficial because it would make a client feel cared for. However, our souls exist at a spiritual level and therefore have to be healed spiritually rather than physically.

Complementary therapies achieve this by rebalancing the person’s natural energy system - the chakras - through relaxation techniques.

So, what is a Chakra?

Contrary to popular belief it is not an exotic vegetable or a rare Australian bird. However, if it was it may be easier to explain.

Like all spiritual energy, a chakra can only be seen psychically or intuitively. It is like a wheel of spinning energy; there are seven major chakras in the body; each is represented by a different colour; and although they can only be seen psychically each is believed to be linked to the physical endocrine (gland) system and therefore would have a detrimental affect on the physical body if they became unbalanced.

When all seven chakras are balanced, healthy energy flows freely throughout the body and secretions are released by the glands in a regulated amount.
When a person suffers trauma, one or more of the chakras becomes unbalanced and blockages form in the energy flow. An unnatural level of chemical is released by the glands and if this persists the person becomes ill.

For instance, when you are about to be interviewed you feel nervous and your solar plexus chakra, which relates to feelings and is located just below the sternum, becomes disturbed and unbalanced.

The solar plexus is directly linked to the pancreas, so this disturbed condition results in an increase of pancreatic juices being released into the digestive system. These higher levels of acid makes your stomach feel wobbly and you may start to feel sick.

Once the interview is over, your body recovers its natural balance and energy flow.

However, if your body was put under such stress every day over a period of time, the chemical imbalance would begin to affect your physical body. It is possible that the stomach acid would cause an ulcer. We all know stomach ulcers are caused by excessive worrying.

Western medicines are able to treat the symptom (the ulcer), but complementary therapies help to relax and rebalance the body, therefore reducing the cause of the symptom (the stress). If there is no cause, there is no symptom.

There are seven major chakras:

The Root (or base) chakra which is located at the perineum (what you sit on), is coloured red, is linked to the adrenal glands and relates to your foundations – home, family and work.

When this chakra suffers chronic imbalance, physical ailments can occur such as lower back pain, constipation, sciatica, depression, and addictive behaviour and weight problems. A person with a balanced root chakra feels safe, secure and energised.

The orange Sacral chakra is situated behind the navel, is linked to the sexual glands and relates to creativity.

The yellow Solar Plexus is below the sternum and is linked to the pancreas and feelings.

The green or rose pink Heart chakra in the chest is attached to the thymus and love.

The blue Throat chakra in the neck is linked to the thyroid gland and represents communication.

The indigo Brow chakra or third eye in the head is linked to the pineal gland and deals with beliefs; and the white or violet Crown chakra at the top of head is joined to the pituitary gland and relates to clarity.

When all seven chakras are balanced our body’s energies flow freely without blockages and so, allows, the body to function at its optimum.

Confessions of a therapist are written by Helen Skene.

Helen is a complementary therapist and beauty therapist offering treatments to ladies in Ipswich and Suffolk. For more information on chakra healing, Reiki Healing and Reiki Attunements, click on these links.