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Welcome to Complements

Helen SkeneWomen often feel low. And when you are juggling families, work, home, hormones, illness and the fast pace of modern life, is it any wonder? If that wasn't difficult enough, you expect yourself to be superwoman – able to juggle all these things and still act, feel and look like a goddess!

Women have high expectations of themselves and sometimes you need a helping hand. Complements offers you a wide range of treatments, from intense life changing psychotherapy, to gently relaxing complementary therapies and quick-fix hair and beauty treatments.

So, whether you have stress or pain; relationship problems or hate your job; want to quit smoking or lose weight; whether you have a phobia or can't sleep; or you just want a new hair style or a pedicure to perk you up – I'm here to help you.

I have been a therapist for more than 30 years and have gained many qualifications and a mountain of experience during my eclectic life.

I have a passion for healing and helping others and find that many of my clients prefer to be treated in the comfort and security of their own homes, though a few prefer my private treatment room.

I have designed Complements around my clients and believe it to be the first mobile therapy service for women only, in Suffolk.

BalensWhat Would You Want?

  • Contentment
  • To be slimmer
  • More self-esteem or confidence
  • To manage or ease pain
  • To quit smoking
  • Improved relationshipsNational Hypnotherapy Society
  • To be healthier or fitter
  • Less stress or anxiety
  • To be more successful
  • To feel more positive
  • Improved fertility
  • To sleep peacefullyNational Conselling Society
  • To be free of phobias
  • To be pampered
  • A new hair style

All these can be achieved in the comfort of your own home

Read on to find out more about Helen's healing therapies.

Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling

Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural and pleasurable treatment which allows you to change negative habits, beliefs and feelings for positive ones. During hypnotherapy you are totally relaxed but in complete control. Hypnotherapy is a catalyst to making the positive changes you want to make. You will never do anything you do not want to. The hypnotic state feels a bit like day dreaming; like feeling not quite asleep, yet not quite fully awake. more….

Swedish Body Massage

Massage is one of the oldest forms of healing and began as a structured system of touch which produced positive results for people’s health and well being. Massage therapy has been proved to be an effective, therapeutic tool to rebuild a more positive self-image and sense of self-worth. more...

Indian Head Massage

This stress decreasing, energy increasing therapy is based on the ancient system of medicine known as Ayurveda which means the science of life and longevity through the balance of body, mind and spirit. This system has been practiced in India for thousands of years. more...

Hot Stone Massage

This therapy soothes away aches and pains with the comforting, therapeutic heat of Basalt stones. This full body treatment helps to rebalance the body’s natural energy systems leaving an overall sumptuous feeling of health and wellbeing. The treatment involves the placing of hot stones, massage incorporating hot stones and Swedish massage for a deeper, more intense treatment. more...

Reiki Healing and Attunements

This ancient Tibetan art of healing channels universal life force energy through the therapist’s hands to the client. The channeled energy aids the body’s natural ability to heal itself as rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the 19th Century. more...

Seaweed Body Wrapping

Seaweed body wrapping is a relaxing, detoxification treatment which helps clients lose inches and is ideal for those wishing to increase their weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet. This therapy decreases stress, reduces cellulite, stretch marks and fluid retention, and increases sluggish circulation. more...

About Me

I'm Complements' owner Helen Skene Dip Hyp CS. I have a passion for healing and helping others. I began my therapy career way back in 1983 when I trained at Suffolk College as a hairdresser and beauty therapist. Once I qualified I worked in an Ipswich salon, but soon decided that a salon environment was not for me. I then worked at Suffolk County Council as an office clerk and then at the East Anglian Daily Times where I trained as a journalist. During the 20 years I worked for Archant Publishing I continued hairdressing and providing beauty therapy and trained in anatomy and physiology, Swedish body massage, Indian Head massage and Reiki. I then began working part time for the newspaper as a journalist and ran a health, beauty and hairdressing business from my home as well. In 2009 I left the newspaper and started working full time as a self-employed therapist. I have since qualified in Hypnotherapy and Counselling and the majority of my work is carried out on a mobile basis, visiting clients in their own homes.

Many of my clients prefer to be treated in the comfort and convenience of their own homes and benefit from not driving after a relaxing treatment. A few prefer to visit my private treatment room.